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An online information tool for people with locally advanced and advanced pancreatic cancer

Summary and Research title: Web-based information tool for people with advanced cancer

Why is this trial being carried out?

It may not be possible to remove locally advanced or advanced pancreatic cancer with surgery. Chemotherapy can be used to try to slow down the growth of the cancer, and help with symptoms.

There are different chemotherapy treatments used for pancreatic cancer. Some people may have supportive care alongside chemotherapy, or instead of chemotherapy. Supportive care manages complex symptoms like pain, and offers emotional and practical support to people affected by pancreatic cancer and their families.

It is important that people understand their treatment options, and the possible side effects of treatment. The oncologist (cancer doctor) and nurse will help people make decisions about which treatment is best for them – this is called shared decision making.

Information can help people understand all the treatment options for them and have these discussions with their medical team. This study wants to develop online information to help with these treatment decisions, and work out what is important to people who will be using the information.

Who is the trial suitable for?

This study may be suitable for you if:

  • you have locally advanced or advanced pancreatic cancer and you are able to speak and understand English,
  • you are a family member or carer of someone with locally advanced or advanced pancreatic cancer and you are aware of their treatment choices,
  • you are a doctor or nurse who has cared for someone with cancer who has had chemotherapy or supportive care.

There may be reasons why you are not able to take part in this study. It is important to speak to your oncologist about whether this study might be suitable for you.

What does the trial involve?

The study will involve people affected by locally advanced and advanced pancreatic cancer, and their family members or carers. It will also include doctors and nurses looking after people who are having chemotherapy or supportive care.

You will have an informal interview with someone from the study team. They will ask you questions about your experience, and the discussions you had with the medical team about treatment options. They want to find out what is important to you. The study team can give you more details about the kind of questions you’ll be asked – you can find their contact details below.

The study team will look at everyone’s answers and work out key themes. This will allow them to create an online information tool that is suitable for people, and helps them make decisions about their treatment.

Before the online information tool is made available, it will need to be tested with the people that will use it. This is to check that it is suitable and easy to use. You may be asked to fill in a questionnaire about this at a later date.

Recruitment start date: February 2019

Recruitment end date: December 2020